Islamic University in Medina
THE TOPIC: Islamic University in Medina

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Page Number: 41 - 51

Publishing Year:  RABI` AL-AWWAL, 1388 – MAY 1968


Establishment: The establishment of the Islamic University in the Prophet's Medina, peace be upon him, was a wish achieved by the Allah Almighty at the hands of the Sunni Saudi government that Allah have granted it the honor to serve the Two Holy Mosques, led by His Majesty the King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz, may Allah protect him. The first taken step to bring this University into existence is recruiting a number of venerable senior Muslim scholars from different parts of the world to consult and inform their opinions and experiences in the development of the Statute and the curriculum of the University. It was the meeting between those scientists and their fellow Saudi scholars under the chairmanship of His Eminence Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and President of University, Sheikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al Al-Sheikh, may God protect him. Then, its location has been chosen in the best spot around Medina in terms of air quality and good soil, which belongs to his power near "Alsoughra" in Aqeep Valley. This study started at the university on Sunday, 2/6/1381 Higria. The number of students in its first academic year there were 256 students.. 
Scholarships: The presidency of the university distributes the scholarships allocated by the State in each academic year on the Islamic countries as determined by the University Council in each academic year. All the means by which students can continue their studies with satisfaction and comfort are provided to them. The university spends money to bring them from their country at her expense and depart the graduates to their country giving everyone of them a monthly reward of three hundred riyals. It also pays for students of Secondary Institute of the University of 250 Riyals per month. In addition to providing healthy housing supplied with water, electricity and necessary furniture for free, the university also secure transportation for them from the city to the headquarters of the university in the morning and then from it to the city at noon and moving them every day after the afternoon prayer to the city to perform the prayers in the Prophet's Mosque and return them back to the university after dinner. It also provides them with free medical treatment within the university including the dispensing of medicines and prescriptions, as well as textbooks free of charge, remunerations, and other services provided by the Islamic University for its students thanks to Allah and then to what the Sunni government gives generously that Allah guides her to open it then to its sponsorship and offering the facilities that enable it to perform its mission.
Stages of study: The University was established containing high stage in which the Faculty of Sharia and the stage of secondary school, and then set up a preparatory stage to make room for the students of the Muslim countries where there is no students able to study in the preparatory school. A division for teaching Arabic to non-Arabs has also established that joining students who are unable to continue their study in Arabic. In 1386 according to Muslim calendar, Another College was established by the name of ((College of Da'wa and Usul-ud-Din)). The Annex (1) shows the number of students in each academic year during the past six years from 1381 to 1386 according to the Muslim calendar..

Institutions of the Islamic University management:

In addition to the abovementioned, The Dar Al-Hadith in Medina followed the Islamic University in all its affairs. The number of its students at the beginning of this year, 1387 according to Muslim calendar, is (270) students who belongs to 19 nationalities. The Institute of Islamic solidarity in Mqdeshua also follows the university in terms of curriculum and technical supervision. The number of its students reaches 60 students, as the number of teachers is (5).